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  Virg "Al Booker T"
Points of Interest:
  • 25 year old father, husband, musician & computer books sales manager
  • daughter - emry fya
  • wife - tahitia rene
  • guitar - guild s-100 Polara
  • favorite book character - repairman jack
  • favorite comic book character - daredevil
  • favorite guitar players - john mclaughlin, peter moses & toni iommi
  • favorite sayings - "i'm a helper" & "is that bad?" & "tastes like ass"
  • movie star i most resemble - john cusack
  • living person i most admire - morgan freeman
  • fantasy job - para-rescue jumper
  • favorite films - shawshank redemption & the princess bride
  • not a morning person
  • got married in las vegas
  • play magic the gathering
  • usually a 1/2 hour late to everything
  • seton hall graduate
  • former wsou pirate radio dj
  • fear the chupa cabra
  • wish i had esp
  • disliked the blair witch project
  • 1999 fantasy football league champion
  • love playing w/ the unstable homebodies
  • former avid skateboarder & snowboarder
  • hope to go to grad school some day
  • greatest idea/invention - political figure trading cards

    i am an unstable homebody through & through. this year alone i've gained 25 lbs. & watched more xena episodes than i care to remember (joxter's makes me giggle). my unstable side has to be my inability to keep the same facial hair look for more than two weeks. but being a homebody has its perks. we get to play whatever we want & be silly doing it. i like being a homebody :)

  •   Ion Wonder
    Quick Facts:
  • Works as a web developer for a web development firm
  • Went to Jessica Owens' 7th grade birthday party without a gift.
  • Played guitar in Semaphore
  • Played guitar in A.K.U.
  • Enjoys Joey Baron's Drumming
  • Enjoys Hal Harley films
  • Follows the Denver Broncos
  • Runs the Slender Music WebSite
  • Graduated from Rowan Univ. with a BA in Comm/Journalism
  • Has never been high or drunk or dead
  • Doesn't quite understand popular culture

    To me, playing with the Homebodies used to be second fiddle to playing guitar. However, this has changed. Over the course of the last year, the Homebodies have become a family. We have seen all of our lives advance and flourish. I realized that the Homebodies will be together for as long as we are alive, in some form or another. Our music has grown, our friendships have blossomed and our live have changed. I owe a great deal of my sanity and happiness to the fellas of the Unstable Homebodies.

  •   Jeff "Baby Muck" Muckensturm
    Notable Features:
  • is a carpenter
  • eats a lot of vegetables
  • favorite bass player is eric axelson of the dismemberment plan
  • loves his bandmates geoff and virg for teaching him everything about music
  • 1999 fantasy football league champ.
  • once watched the movie "swingers" 5 times in one day
  • has what some say, "an unhealthy obsession" with winona ryder
  • loved the blair witch project
  • adores "that 70's show"
  • started playing bass because of living colour
  • is vegan
  • goes to every philadelphia wings home game

    I love playing with the Homebodies more than anything. It seems like every practice I learn something new about music. It is a challenge, as well as an honor to play with such great people like Geoff and Virgil. To learn more about me visit my very own website:


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