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Unstable Homebodies: A Historic Journey

Chapter 1 - Walk Down Memory Lane old school virg
The Homebodies are a band with a history. Our story began at High Point U, where Geoff Thorne (drums) & Virgil Lloyd (guitar) shared their love of ice cream & music. We soon became great friends & in the summer of 1994 the UH were born. We practiced diligently to perfect an abrasive & melodic two-man sound. Geoff at heart is a guitar player, but that did not stop him from grabbing hold of the groove he could never lose. Looking back, it seems that he became a drummer almost over night. But he was destined to hit the skins - the guy's been playing air drums forever. And I should know...sitting in the passenger's seat of his car, my nose became his ride bell & the steering wheel his snare. As Geoff progressed on the kit, I gained more experience with my ax. In those days, we were heavily influenced by the likes of Into Another, Voivod, Bad Brains, Minor Threat and really anything heavy w/ lots of distortion. The songs were loud, unique & always a challenge to play.

Chapter 2 - Adam Bishop & AKU
Around 1996 we had an official practice space in North Jersey. We called the Thorne basement home & soon added a bassist to our sound. The lucky man was Adam Bishop...a fine song writer & energetic fellow, who was always up for a Homebody challenge. With old school bodiesAdam Bishop holding together the bottom end, we commandeered Scott Visco as our vocalist. Together we reconstructed our songs into something magical - an actual band! The new line-up landed us a gig at Judy and Chrisy's & although the floor was slippery the show went well. The summer ended & so did the new line-up. Scott & Adam went back to their respective schools & Geoff & Virg kept the Homebodies dream alive for the time being. A footnote to this story...Scott Visco joined us on "The Method" & Brian Church added the bass/vocals to "Metamorphosis". Along with our very own G. Thorne, both are members of the Assorted Kitchen Utensils.

Chapter 3 - Baby Muckjeff at home
After a short hiatus to focus on our studies, G & I got back together finding a new home in South Jersey. We got tighter, as did the practice space, and set our goals on finding a replacement for Adam & Visco. We placed an advertisement for a bassist & within a week a skinny boy by the name of Jeff Muckensturm had replied. He showed up at practice with his bass & a grin, & by nights end we had officially become the Unstable Homebodies. It was a masterpiece ...everything we wrote together was so easy & perfect, & most importantly solid friendships were formed. Baby Muck had filled the void & now we were truly a band. We explored heavier music, playing everything in E or drop D. Not your average band - we were an instrumental band. Creating massive songs such as "Enclosed Vehicle", "Tribeca", "Ferns & Worms", "Interpretations AM", "Cozy", "Angular Suspicious Matrix" & many more. With one vocal exception - "Morgan Freeman". During this period we released our first demo, Star Bug 1.

Chapter 4 - The Unclench Experience
In the early summer of 1997, Muck had joined a hardcore band called Unclench. They were a four-piece (guitar, bass, vocals & drums) & other than Muck were relatively inexperienced musicians. By mid-summer their drummer had quit & Muck offered the UH positions in the band. G & I jumped at the chance. In less than a month we had learned the majority of their material & added a few new songs to the mix. As a hardcore act, shows came easier. We debuted the new line-up at GT's Maple Shade home basement show. The set was relentless & well received. From there, we traveled to NC playing three shows until transportation problems left us stranded. It was a sign of things to come. By late fall the band was over & so were our hardcore days. We did record an album during this time - "Araby" & cassettes/stickers are still available to those interested. nora pancakes

Chapter 5 - The Nora Years
In 1998 the Homebodies made an incredible transformation. Feeling insecure as an instrumental 3-piece, the UH took on a whole new dimension. Classically trained violinist & all around swell gal, Nora became the 4th Homebody.
Nora gave the Bodies a new look & feel, bringing the melodies of her violin to the forefront of our sound. Our songs evolved, becoming more dramatic & less abrasive. After a winter of serious practice, we got the chance to play at Camden County College. It was a "coffee house" open mic night of sorts - all went well (for the most part), which opened the door to the CCC Spring Fling show. The Spring Fling took place outdoors on a beautiful early-summer morning. The crowd was a decent sized group of curious passers by & goofy students. We entertained the crowd with 25 minutes of new material that consisted of "Anything but MER", "Resurrecting Alyce Smith", "Manitoba" & a host of others. Finding new confidence in our live abilities, in August we threw our own show at GT's Maple Shade home. We were all panting & sweating profusely from the heat, but barreled through almost every song we had written in the last two years. Regardless of the heat & humidity, the show went extremely well. The Maple Shade extravaganza allowed us the opportunity to make a new recording, featuring geoff home kit previously unrecorded material such as "Funeral Procession for Albert" & "Pole Position". Although the recording was never produced into a demo format, we were able to press some custom CD's. A very rare & extremely collectible recording.

Chapter 6 - The Road Ahead
For personal & professional reasons the UH took another small hiatus. However, by the Spring of 1999 the Bodies kicked it back in full gear. With the exception of Nora, who had taken a summer camp position in the mid-West, the UH had taken a new direction with their sound. Our new sound will be featured on Vol. 1, which will be released in the Spring of 2000. We are currently finishing the recording process (Nora will be featured on one track) & will begin mixing within weeks.

to be continued...

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