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  • Young Antiques -12.04
  • Silent Kids -12.04
  • Terminal Band -12.04
  • Almost Contagious -12.04
  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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    Exercise One

    Sam This is my first attempt at sharing my thoughts on music. I found that this forum might give me a better opportunity to share some of my recent picks beyond calling all of you in the middle of the night and playing my stereo into your phone. Besides some of you hang up, and you know who you are.

    Here are some of my recent choices, and I have lumped these selections into the classification of "driving" music. This means that these picks would sound best if you play them at 2 a.m. while you drink cheap soda (I recommend A-Treat) and drive home a little to fast with the windows down.

    ONE LAST WISH 1986 (Discord)
    Okay, Iím guilty of making a shrine to defunct D.C. bands, but this is a record that I have been waiting for since the "State of the Union" compilation. One Last Wish was not around for very long, and up until now only one song has been available to the record buying public. For all intensive purposes 1986 is the next Rites of Spring album because musically speaking this album picks up where the last Ritesí ep left off. Something happen down there in D.C. in the late 80ís, some of the earlier angst was traded in for some more thought out song writing. This record gives me the chills because sometimes wishes do come true.

    Summer came early this year in the form of Chapel Hillís The Scaries. The bottom line is that these guyís flat out rock. They donít stop the onslaught of chugging hooks and poppy sing-a-longs. Every summer has to have "that" tape that you keep rewinding over and over because once is never enough. Speaking of never enough hats of to these blokes for their bouncy pop-punk rendition of the Cureís Pictures of You. I get the feeling that the other nine songs here are all written about an ex-girlfriend, but I canít think of better words to but between screaming octaves and pick slides.

    Iím not talking about classic rock radio staples of arena rock decadence (read as "Live at Leeds"), but what Iím talking about IS the young angry Mod Who. At one point in time Mr. Townshead bashed away on a Rickenbacker as Hiwatt amplifiers blew up in the background. Keith Moon needs to be remembered for his back beats that wrapped around John Entwistle's aggressive bass lines. This is the perfect collection of live mid-60ís radio performances that up until now were only available as scratchy bootlegs. The bonus her is the rare recording of A Quick One (While Heís Away), the Whoís nine minute mini opera that blows away any other rock opus from that era.

    Written By: Sam P.