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    [ Season to Risk ]

    Season to Risk

    For a long time, since discovering music, i wondered what caused me to enjoy it. i am not quite certain that i have discovered a concrete answer, but one thing rests affixed in the concoction of ground gravel, water, and whatever else needed to make concrete. i enjoy rhythms and subtle melodies.

    Season to Risk delivers these ingredients better than any band i have heard.

    Hailing from the Mid-western city of Kansas City, the (ever changing) foursome winds and ties and twines and binds (or any other wording equivalency for bondage, rope, and tightness) power, grace, passion, intelligence, skill, and confusion into a thick ball of twine- the real abrasive 99 cent twine.

    i first heard them when a good Russian friend slipped their self-titled Columbia release into my tape deck. i sat, or actually squatted, in front of the twin-spinning mechanism, with a churning sensation of my own inside my stomach, mind, and soul.

    The first song i had the pleasure of listening to was, MINE EYES. i am having a difficult time relaying the experience only because of the grandiose scale on which it perched.

    STR emanates magic through speakers into the mind. As a drug free citizen, i know not off the effects of mind altering substances, on a first hand basis. But this song, was doing some weird crap to my head. Duane Trower's guitar weaving layer upon layer of confusion, while Chad Sabin (drums) and Paul Malinvski (bass) glued it all together.

    On top of all that lies, Steve Tulipana's gut wrenching vocals. Intelligent and thought provoking.

    season to risk

    Needless to say, i continued listening and continued being mesmerized.

    Although, Season To Risk, has lost two drummers and a bassist during their history. The new line up seems to be concrete and hopefully stay together for a long time. The drummer, David Smyth took over during the In a Perfect World Tour. Since then, they have added bassist, Josh Newton . He played guitar in Glazed Baby and had a short stint playing guitar in the UNSANE.

    Since the initial listening trauma, I have seen Season to Risk four times. Each of the shows had similarities such as: me jumping and screaming along with the band's inescapable pulse, and 20 or so others standing there holding their ears.

    Well, actually one night in Philly at Upstairs at Nicks, the crowd was very responsive. The look of satisfaction on the band singed my brain and i knew why these guys do this.

    It's not for the money, which compared to most bands of Season's caliber, is enough for coffee and a doughnut every other day. It's not for the fame, well at least i don't think so. It's for the music. Pure music. Unadulterated music. Simply the music. They love it!!

    Season to Risk has been searching for a label after being dismissed from Columbia a few years back. They have finally found their label, THICK RECORDS the badass Chicago label.

    Thick released S2R's latest full-length release, Men are Robots, Monkeys Win and a double-disc compliation of S2R's early stuff and also one song previously released on a Kansas City compliation and a song from a split 7" from Philadelphia's Supermodel Records. And two other tracks. For more information click here .

    Written By: Geoff T.