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    [ Geezer Lake ]

    Geezer Lake

    Folks, I have some bad news. I received this right from Thick Records

    Monday, February 01, 1999 11:47AM
    Unfortunately, it's true. Geezer Lake are no more (for now). Harrison is living in New York and has a new band in the works with other NC turned NYC musicians. Eric moved to Boston while Scott & Jim remain in Greensboro. Geezer Lake were one of the most unique and original bands around-- their music will be missed. Zak THICK
    This Absolutely breaks my heart. Let's hope they reconcile. But we can still enjoy their sounds on recordings. And quite possibly, they will form four separate bands each nearly as wonderful as Geezer Lake.

    I first heard GEEZER LAKE during my freshman year of college, in their hometown of Greensboro, NC, at the Somewhere Else Tavern. Though I only saw them once, they singed an image on my brain that will never leave me.

    They have a twisted eerie sound that envelopes the room and conjures some uncomfortable emotions. Listening to GEEZER LAKE is like meandering in a deep dark forest wondering what lies ahead and trying to figure out what that sound just was and if it was harmful.

    Part of what sets them apart from others is the use of a trumpet. They use this instrument as the main melodic line, which gives the song an almost mystic quality. Another key ingredient is the mesmerizing vocals. The vocals are not the main focus of GEEZER LAKE, but more an added bonus. However, they do write pretty interesting lyrics. This is just not a band about pop songs and sing songy songs. Each song is a voyage an experience, and an experiment in imagery.

    GEEZER LAKE fluctuate between heavy and light, loud and soft, simple and complex, plodding and moving better than any band alive. Each song is rich with textures. melodies, and images. Fortunately, none of the songs on either two of their CD's sound alike. The songs have the same deep atmospheric feeling, for the most part, but never become repetitious.

    For music listeners who crave melodies and sincerity, GEEZER LAKE, offers just that, but still with an eerie slant to it. For music listeners who crave the odd time sea of chords and thick powerful grooves, alas, GEEZER LAKE, has that as well.

    The members are: Eric Sheppard on guitar and vocals, Chris Clodfelter on trumpet and vocals, Harrison Cannon on bass and vocals, and Scott Irving on percussion and vocals. And Jim Clodfelter, who joined the group for the last record.

    GEEZER LAKE has three CD's available, Feet in Mud Again (1993) and Hearts Won't Try This (1995), on D-Tox records, their own label. And King Frost's Parade on Thick records.

    I am not really sure what has become of GEEZER LAKE. I do know that they played a few shows back in 1996, but I have not heard from them since. If anyone has any information on their whereabouts please let us know.

    Written By: Geoff T.