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    [ Season to Risk ]

    Men are Monkeys, Robots Win (Thick)

    Men R Monkeys Title From the first glistening sound of Intriot, Season to Risk tells us that this record will be crisp, tight and slightly tamer than 'In a Perfect World.'

    After a record label dispute, STR left Columbia in search of a new label. They shopped around for about a year and landed a deal with Thick Records.

    'Men are Monkeys, Robots Win' is the first creation for the newly signed foursome from the country's heartland.

    GAMEOVER comes crashing out of the intro on the one with the crack of a snare and the harsh reality of distortion . We soon learn that Season to Risk has been quietly incubating an offspring and the offspring has finally sprung.

    With swift speaking execution the instruments gather their full thrust as the CD LCD gauge reads '3.' David's sine wave/plaid shirt approach to drums surfaces on UNDERSELF. David splatters the chorus sections with a traffic jam of toms and ride cymbal bells tying the beat together with the high hat on the quarter of each bar.

    The onslaught continues with the staple Season to Risk grind.

    The next track offers us something brand new from S2R, a song we can sing along to - a song we can bounce along to- a song we can play for our girl friends and they won't get mad. Yes, OVER THEN OUThas a hook to it. The major hook, other than the lyrics during the chorus, is the driving groove culminating with the eighth note pause on the 4 and of the bar.

    Robots Wins can best be described as a cross between 'Season to Risk' and 'In a Perfect World.' It has that pulsating feel of 'In a perfect world' with the intricate counter-melodies of 'Season to Risk.'

    But, I refuse to give the rest of the record away to you, it's like giving away the ending of 'Sixth Sense or My Best Friend's Wedding. Anyway, please enjoy this record. And we all know that to enjoy it means to buy it.

      SEASON TO RISK - In a Perfect World (Columbia)  

    perfect world The second and final release on Columbia for the quartet out of Kansas City. Compared to the previous release In a Perfect World takes Season to Risk into a darker more mysterious realm. Filled with dreamscaped swords and Cold Johns.

    I think Season to Risk did what they wanted with this record. It is doubly confusing and strenuous to listen to. But that's what i love so much about this band. They say "Piss-off" to the spoon-fed audiences of today's music listening generation.

    Remarkable interplay between the three instruments and raucous vocals by Steve create power and intrigue.

    It's just the record i slip in when i need to get somewhere in a hurry or i have all night to do nothing, but try to figure out what the hell Duane is doing.

      SEASON TO RISK - Season To Risk (Columbia)  

    first record Season to Risk's first Columbia recording. Each song is masterfully crafted. Flickerings of metal edged riffs, crafty drum parts and driving bass smatter the album while an underlying beauty and grace mold this record into a thick solid massive creation.

    This album contains one of my favorite guitar riffs ever. "Dogs" track four's main theme is totally above and beyond most guitarist in the fashionable world of rock and roll.

    Written By: Geoff T.