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    [ Heros Severum ]

    The Wonderful Educated Bear

    When we started Slender Music back in 1996, our idea was to create a site which detailed/explored music we felt should be heard, should be recognized, should be absorbed. Music which deserved press based solely on its merit as an art form; not because it was released on some big money label or had suit and tie backing.

    Heros Severum's first full length release, The Wonderful Educated Bear ( two sheds records ), encapsulates the vision and purpose of Slender Music.

    A song writing structure a kin to a meeting among Jawbox, The Dismemberment Plan, Firehose and Slint, The Wonderful Educated Bear shimmers-shines-glows-burns brightly with intelligent-intense orchestration and pensive well placed vocals. The album's choke chain atmosphere allows for freedom of thought during sparse interludes then without notice or warning tightens its grip during the complex-wall-of-sound convulsions.

    Musically, the Athens, GA based trio provides plenty of ear candy constantly shifting melody lines, rhythms and structure complemented by catchy vocal lines. Sherryl Branch and Eric Friar's brilliant guitar parts provide the guide through their dense maze of inspirational subject matter. Jeff Cummings' drumming not only intricately adds to the song's orchestration, but provides more than enough vertical motion for quality head bobbing.

    Jay Robbins, of Government Issue, Jawbox and Burning Airlines fame, produced, engineered and mixed The Wonderful Educated Bear, in addition to clapping his hands and singing some back up vocals. So obviously the perfection which precedes Jay surfaces on this sound recording. The guitars are both thick/full as well as spacious/melodic and the drums sit perfectly in the middle of the mix painting their landscape patterns.

    If straight-forward-run-of-the-mill-production-line songs are your idea of pleasure then it would mostly likely be in your best interest to skip The Wonderful Educated Bear. However, if catchy-smart-driving-spacious-insightful music and lyrics tickle your sense of style then please check Heros Severum out.

    On a personal note, I almost don't want to finish writing this review because I don't want to stop listening to this record. I just got a chill from the ending of Grounded Like a Prop Plane.

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    Track List:
    The Mechaniks of It
    Grounded... Like a Prop Plane
    Driving in a Perpetual Summer
    Hidden in the Words
    Out of Round
    Colors - Paint and Body
    Rail Against the Contraption
    From Foot to Foot
    Bear in the Circus
    A Better Man

    Written By: Geoff T.