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  • Young Antiques -12.04
  • Silent Kids -12.04
  • Terminal Band -12.04
  • Almost Contagious -12.04
  • ROBBERS -12.03
  • The Better Half -12.17

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    [ Stereo Total ]
    [ Quintron ]
    [ Miss Pussycat ]
    [ Da Horny Troof ]

    Stereo Total, Quintron, Miss Pussycat, Da Horny Troof
    TT the Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA

    Pre-show: The stage at TT's was filled with, on the left, a puppet theater, and on the right, a little fort of musical equipment: an electric organ; two odd contraptions consisting of a coffee can painted black on a wooden box, with lots of switches and things; a few racks of more equpiment; a leslie speaker with a giant horn-type loudspeaker on top of that.

    First Act: Da Horny Troof and his "dj", Cobra, from Oakland, California, set up a laptop computer on the narrow ledge of stage in front of the puppet theater. They're both wearing very small short shorts. Cobra has a scarf over his mouth and dark aviator sunglasses on, he looks like a cross between the Cobra guys from GI Joe and someone from Top Gun. Da Horny Troof (or "Horny") looked like he was still in high school. His shirt was very very tight, and may have come off at one point during the show. What was the audience in for? it turns out that Horny is an MC, and Cobra kind of dances around on stage while Horny runs around in the audience, rapping and dancing. Their first song is about cops, specifically, hot cops with "arms so hairy, chest so buff." (warning: bad pun ahead) Unlike NWA, who proclaimed "Fuck the police", Da Horny Troof would literally like to do so. After this song, Horny tells us "okay, this is our last song." The Very Memorable chorus to this next tune is "Who likes to fuck? We like to fuck!" it's a really fun, silly, energetic set. Very good!

    The next act is Miss Pussycat, who presents a puppet show entitled "2001: A Sewing Odyssey." The story begins with Miss Fluffytail, and her friend, whose name i can't remember, sewing dresses for a dance. An old lady comes by and gives them some cookies. The cookies are laced with LSD and skittles, and a sewing freakout ensues. Scissors leviate and fly away, the sewing machine grows a face ("it looks like jim morrison!"), as In-a-gadda-da-vida plays. They take a trip to a cave in the backyard to get more fabric from a leprechaun. When they come out of their altered state, they find... the dresses are finished? Kind of weird, but pretty neat.

    Quintron plays next, triggering drum loops with a telegraph morse code clicker, pounding on the organ, and singing in that whiteboy sings-soul-like-jon-spencer voice, but more sincere and with less irony. the coffee cans-on-boxes are the Drum Buddy, his handbuilt synthesizers. There is a lightbulb inside the cans, and as the cans spin, holes drilled in the cans allow light to be picked up by light sensors at time intervals determined by the hole spacing. He lets them spin and play, sometimes he grabs them and plays them by hand, and at one point he sets a fire on the inside of a can, and the flames make the light sensors freak out and make neat sounds. The music is very dancy. Miss Pussycat plays the maracas and sings backing vocals, and Quintron sweats up a storm and removes his coat and shirt. At one point one Drum Buddy blows a fuse. While the loops are playing, he runs off stage to the dressing room, then runs outside to the van to get another fuse. His set was really fun. "this is our last one!" in response to the protests from the crowd "you won't be disappointed."

    Stereo Total have some electronic equipment and a small, partially electronic drum setup. They're so excited to play! Brezel Goring, dances back and forth across the stage while the drum loops play, then enthusiastically jumps and punches the air with one hand while pushing buttons with the other. Francoise Cactus sings, drums. In a song "dedicated to Winona Ryder", she pickpockets Brezel as she sings, pulling out a small bag and a little Hello Kitty doll from his pockets. Live, they're much more friendly and cute than they appear in pictures, and they really seem to be having fun. Really nice. MC Horny comes up to sing backup vocals on "Love with the 3 of us", and also does a lively, spirited freestyle. The show ends with "Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck" and Brezel pulling people up to dance on stage. Overall, one amazing, kickass show.

    Written By: Ernie K.